With the inception of Windows Enterprise Server 2019, global business organizations have got the much-awaited and much advanced Windows Server OS to optimize the key operations most efficiently. Rendering extensive support to modernize datacenter, it assists enterprises to drive innovation, particularly to compete with advanced technology development.

Salient Features of Windows Enterprise Server 2019


Windows Enterprise Server 2019 is built on the foundation of Windows Server 2016 and Windows Admin Center, which renders convenience to deploy it with Azure services. Also, it manages and checks the crucial hardware components. Businesses can use hybrid features, such as Azure Backup, Azure File Sync, and Disaster Recovery to expand the datacenters to Azure. Also, this new version prompts improvement in the connections between the Azure cloud platform and Windows Server OS. System insights, synchronizing file servers to Azure, VM protection, and Azure network adaptors are some of the additional capabilities of Windows Enterprise Server 2019.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Windows Server 2019 offershigh-performance software-defined storage and networking that facilitates deployments to scale from small 2-node to many servers with Cluster Sets technology. This makes it quite affordable and one can deploy it without bearing the superfluous outlay. Proffering Storage Spaces Direct’s storage-pool size per cluster, latency-based marginal drive detection, and mirror-accelerated parity, it drives improvements in popular S2D functions efficiently. Rendering extensive features of unified management, mirror-accelerated parity, storage class memory, storage replica, cloud witness, and hybrid SDN gateways, Windows Enterprise Server 2019 supports the modernization of conventional applications as well as easy creation of cloud-based apps.

Linux Support

Facilitating with easy integration to Linux, Windows Enterprise Server 2019 has enabled Linux users to bring their scripts to Windows while using industry standards. This functionality renders extensive assistance to run Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server inside shielded virtual machines. With such capability, administrators can easily download Linux distributions from the Microsoft Store.


Embedded with shielded VMs to protect sensitive virtualized workloads, Windows Server 2019 is high on security. Advanced multilayer security assists in protecting datacenters, starting with the operating system. It has a Defender Exploit Guard, which locks down devices against an array of attack vectors and blocks behaviors used commonly in malware attacks. Embedded with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), it renders precautionary protection measurement to evade malware intrusion and it automatically stops plausibly dangerous processes with immediate effects. Facilitating with HGS offline model, it enables users to turn on virtual machines even if the HGS is non-reachable.


Windows Enterprise Server 2019 has come up with Storage Migration Service.With such functionality, administrators can easily switch from an existing server to a newer version of Windows Server efficiently. Ensuring an easier migration to the cloud, it renders more stability and efficiency from the server. Also, it facilitates improved Storage Space Direct to prompt efficacy.

In particular, Windows Enterprise Server 2019 proffers Hybrid integration, Hyper-V containers, Windows Server containers, Host Guardian Service, Storage Replica, Shielded Virtual Machines, Software-defined networking, and software-defined storage to stimulate business operations and drive innovation through secured mode efficiently.