With Visual Studio Test Professional, businesses can steer quality and active collaboration throughout the entire development process. Its subscription offers integrated test case management, predictability and regular shipping, and other all Microsoft software, including Azure and Plural sight.

Key Features of Visual Studio Test Professional Are As Follows:

Test Case Management

Assuring streamlined delivery, it renders access to the test hub in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and Azure Development Operations. It coordinates all test management activities, such as authoring, test planning, execution, and tracking from a centralized location. Particularly, this test hub gives business analysts and product owners key insights into progress, which help meet the acceptance criteria and quality measures efficiently.

Exploratory New Tests

Developers can run, record, and generate new tests, which allows them to perform ad-hoc and exploratory tests without requiring predefined test steps or cases. Its intuitive exploratory tools include action recording, commenting with annotations, and rich data capturing. Additionally, it offers bug-reporting capabilities to ascertain quality testing. With Visual Studio Test Professional, IT professionals can easily create test cases from exploratory recordings and add them to test plans and suites. This helps them manage future manual or automated test passes proficiently.

Web-based Testing

With this innovative capability, developers and analysts can run manual and acceptance tests with simply a browser. Using a toolset optimized for the testers, one can run and record tests for each test step. This browser-based testing enables robust tracking of test steps, rich commenting, pass-fail results, and bug reporting functionalities. Also, developers can use the test runner for user acceptance testing, which needs to run and report test case execution by various acceptance testers.

Test Manager

Offering a fully configurable test runner, Visual Studio Test Professional captures detailed records of steps performed, behaviors noted, and the status of each step. Additionally, developers can pause testing to report a bug even if it’s not directly connected to the current test. Particularly, high-fidelity defect groups go directly to the development team, which includes all the technical data required to reproduce and check the root cause. IT professionals can record tests to speed test sessions and enable automation as well. One can avail of Microsoft Test Manager with Test Manager extension.

Robust Delivery

IT professionals and businessmen can deliver faster with high quality using Release Management capabilities. These functionalities streamline automated deployment and testing of the applications in multifarious environments. The development team is provided with access to write release definitions and automate deployment in repeatable ways. One can track in-flight releases simultaneously as well. Professionals can incorporate automated functional tests or manual approvals in a release definition efficiently. It helps them automate such a process to production and drive profitability.

Subscriber Benefits

Along with the access to core Microsoft software for development and test, its subscription offers monthly cloud credits, training courses, collaboration tools, and extensive professional support. It renders the software and benefits an IT professional need to stick to all things code.

  • Providing Development Tools with enhanced IDE and advanced debugging for an operating system (OS), it helps facilitate easy development both on PC and Mac.
  • It offers credits to use in Azure for learning, developing and testing.
  • One of the key subscriber benefits includes access to a huge library of current and previous Microsoft software, which one can use for further development and testing.

Extending service to build, deploy and manage complex applications, training for professional development and support community, Visual Studio Test Professional has delivered a most comprehensive set of essential resources to manage vivid applications on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and the cloud most efficiently.