An intuitive and innovative IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by Microsoft to develop console, Web applications, GUI (Graphical User Interface), mobile applications, programs, websites, cloud and web services. With this integrated environment, developers can create and manage code as well as native code efficiently. This full-featured development platform enables users to navigate the interface smoothly and write their codes with accuracy and speed.

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Team Code

With the power-packed feature of CodeLens, it helps developers and IT professionals focus on their work by displaying code reference, any modifications to the code, showing who last changed a method, or checking if the tests are passing. One can conduct all these operations right from where he or she was in the code. Such an intuitive feature helps understand the team code more efficiently.

Robust Mobile Experiences

Extending features that prompt mobile development experience, Visual Studio Professional 2017 delivers outstanding mobile utility of the applications. It delivers native applications for Android, iOS, and Windowsthrough professional mobile development, code sharing and debugging. Native User Interfaces, native API access, and leveraging platform-specific hardware acceleration improves native performance.

Any App, Any Platform

Deployment of Visual Studio Professional 2017, developers can create interactive applications for multiple devices, PCs, and the web. These applications are empowered by the cloud and built on top of the existing applications and set of skills. Additionally, cross-platform technologies help developers create applications for Android, Windows, and iOS from a single, integrated development solution. Single shared codebase allows developers to use the same language, APIs and data structure, irrespective of the platform and render access across all development platforms as well.

Quick Software Delivery

With Visual Studio Professional subscription, developers can get the benefit of the tools, resources, and services, which facilitate improved team collaboration and analytics feedback to deliver software projects successfully. Also, IT professionals can take advantage of flexible project planning tools, delivery plans, and charts to smoothen the delivery.

 Subscription Administrator

Developers can make the most of Visual Studio Professional Subscription with its different set of benefits. However, it widely depends on the type and level of subscription chosen by the business administrators.  Moreover, it renders a choice to help IT professionals pick only Visual Studio IDE or get a comprehensive set of benefits with a subscription including software for development and testing, cloud services, support, and training. However, with a standard subscription, one can avail of monthly cloud credits, collaboration tools, training courses, professional support, and access to core Microsoft software.

Key Subscriber Benefits Offered by Visual Studio Professional Are As Follows:

  • Developer Tools—Developers, administrators, and IT professionals get the latest versions of Visual Studio. Full-featured IDE for Android, Windows, iOS, and web and cloud application development prompts robust creating and development to draw organizational benefits. It offers intuitive tools, including Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Professional, and Visual Studio Enterprise.
  • Cloud Services—With this innovative feature, developers can procure access to Azure services without any profligacy. Also, subscribers are offered exclusive discounts on development and test rates and access to image galleries with preconfigured virtual machines. Monthly Azure credits for its services, Visual Studio App Center, Microsoft 365 Developer Subscription, and Power BI are some of the robust tools covered under this extensive service. Also, it proffers Azure DevOps, which renders access to countless accounts. Subscribers can share code, ship software, and track work in any language via an integrated package. 
  • Software—This feature allows access to core Microsoft software, where business administrators can make the most of it with the per-user licensing module. This enables IT professionals to install and use software to its fullest for the development projects. Windows, Windows Server, Office ProPlus, SQL, SharePoint, and Exchange generally form the package.
  • Training—Offering world-class technical and professional training help business developers take their skills to the next level. It helps developers get on the latest trends and technologies across platforms to grow, improve, and drive productivity within an organization. In such a case, relying on technical experts with software expertise can assist developers to solve issues and answer queries efficiently. This subscription may include LinkedIn Premium (business, technical, and creative), Pluralsight (cloud, design, mobile, and data), Azure Community, Microsoft Professional Technical Support, and Data Camp (data science and AI).
  • Partner Support—This feature assists business administrators to drive high productivity by using partner products and services to create, deploy, and manage complex applications. One can migrate applications to Azure with CAST Highlight and CloudPilot efficiently. Embedded with open source management capabilities, it enables professionals to use WhiteSource Bolt to scan open-source components directly in the build. This eventually, reduces time and cost by fixing vulnerabilities earlier in the development lifecycle. Also, with Parasoft, developers can test complex systems without any disruption, minimize overhead, and reduce the risk of defects.

Rendering extensive flexibility to professional developers with intuitive tools to develop robust applications, Visual Studio Professional 2017 is an efficient choice to drive innovation, creativity, and sustainability into the development. Its powerful features increase team productivity, flexible project planning tools streamline collaboration, and exclusive software services delivers exclusive subscriber benefits.