With the inception of SuiteCommerce, NetSuite has empowered many online businesses with substantial growth and exponential expansion. It is an integrated system to enable businesses to seamless connection of a multi-channel, multi-location business from e-commerce, marketing, inventory, and customer service. Embedded with dedicated support, an extensive partner environment, and professional services, NetSuite SuiteCommerce offers every capability that an advancing business needs to thrive.

Core Functionalities Of SuiteCommerce To Drive Your Sales To New Heights

Unique Experiences—Utilizing inventory, customer, and order data, it renders engaging customer acquisition and retention experiences. It enables you to design the experience the way you want to. Empowering sales associates with effective tools and relevant information, it helps in delivery robust shopping experience. Also, it prompts active customer engagement by unifying online and conventional store purchasing routes. You can build device-optimized, online shopping experiences, which can be displayed across all types of devices as well.

Holistic Customer View—SuiteCommerce renders personalized cross-channel experiences, excellent customer service, and targeted marketing with a 360-degree view of customer interactions across all channels. It escalates customer engagement throughout the lifecycle with a central communication hub, relevant analytical digital marketing, and timely delivery. Businesses can gain visibility into the actual profitability of the customer through interaction and transactions capturing in a single system.

Smart Order Balance—You can maximize your business profitability if you can help fulfill your customers’ expectations to buy and return goods from any location. In such a case,centralized order management of inventory across all the touchpoints can simplify this process. This integrated system assists you in managing all the orders in one place. It helps your customers, suppliers, and partners keep a track of the order efficiently. This stimulates a fast order process, increases customer satisfaction and drops-down operational expenses as well. Real-time inventory visibility and connection with global supply and distribution improve coordination and increase responsiveness.

Boundless Expansion—SuiteCommerce enables you to quickly deploy sites for multifarious business models, channels, countries, brands, currencies, languages on a single platform. This accelerates the global expansion of your business and steers growth. With this functionality, you can combine business-to-business(B2B) and business-to-customer(B2C) selling models without bearing any financial outlay.

Centralized Commerce Platform—Its cloud-based infrastructure unifies business applications and facilitates a centralized repository. This helps streamline order management, item and inventory data, and brand experiences. Rendering a unified commerce platform and consolidating fragmented sources of data, it helps you gain real-time insights to boost business agility as well as adaptability to keep pace with advancement. It enables you to reduce operational costs and optimize the management of hardware and software.

Products And Services Under SuiteCommerce

E-commerce— With this functionality, you can unify your e-commerce with the business systems on a single cloud-based platform. This supports both B2B and B2C customers efficiently. Also, you can create omnichannel experiences across all the touchpoints and sell through multiple brands, languages, and currencies to boost customer service.

Point of Sale—SuiteCommerce offers POS to transform the store with an integrated platform. You can provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers by increasing their engagement by integrating online and in-store shopping cycles. Offering more product choices can help you increase profitability and boost sales as well.

Email Marketing—Targeted emails, omnichannel marketing, data-driven insights, and a robust connection with customers via SMS messaging and responsive design. This helps you increase revenue, build a scalable marketing database, and drive lifetime value. Also, you can save time with automated campaigns, which are triggered by customer actions.

Customer Relationship Management—With the deployment of SuiteCommerce, you can reduce service costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase their retention efficiently. It helps you understand your customers’ lifetime value and render consistent services across all the touch points. Building rich customer profiles based on their behaviors and communications, you can support your sales and marketing personnel strategize better customer service planning and its execution.

NetSuite SuiteCommerce ensures an engaging shopping experience. Its role-based training courses provide the specific knowledge to assist your team increase robust customer engagement, boost sales, and steer success.