Delivering basic data management and business intelligence database for small organizations and departments, SQL Standard Server 2017 allows them to run their applications and provides common development tools for both on-premise and cloud-native database management, using minimal IT resources. The inception of this server has extended the functionality of the SQL Server platform, which offers you choices of development languages, data types, and deployment on-premises or in the cloud.

This robust server platform gives you operating systems by importing the effectiveness of SQL Server to Linux, Linux-based Docker containers, and Windows. Advanced Analytics and the agility to run the complete data estate on any environment with any data is the super functionality offered by this server. Industry-leading performance, layers of protection, real-time intelligence, and capability to build modern applications are the distinguishing features to gain massive attraction.

 Salient Features and Functionalities of SQL Server Standard 2017

Adaptive Query Processing

With such innovative functionality, it analyzes actual query run time statistics and deploy the information for considerable optimizations. Rendering highest performing data warehouses, it extends support to both small and large enterprises while enhancing data compression and reducing storage needs. Business administrators can scale up to petabytes of data for enterprise-level relational data warehousing. Fastening transactions with In-Memory OLTP and analytics up to 100s with In-memory Column store. Also, it offers real-time operational analytics when you combine In-memory technologies.

As the amount of data is increasing rapidly with technological advancement, miscalculating or misjudging complex plans can impact performance and cause dramatic problems.

Encrypted Data Protection

SQL Server Standard 2017 delivers a database with the least vulnerabilities to protect data at rest and in motion. Embedded with advanced security innovations, it assists in securing data from mission-critical workloads with layers of security protection. Additionally, data encryption technology with row-level security, transparent data encryption, robust auditing, and dynamic data masking are key functionalities proffered.

Real-time Analytics

Offering this intuitive capability, this server enables you to scale and escalate machine learning by pushing intelligence to where the data rests with in-database R and Python analytics. These analytics are, generally, parallelized and at scale. Advanced machine learning algorithms with GPUs and AI innovation to get insights faster are distinguishing features of this robust platform. With such power-packed functionality, developers can build intelligent applications and move beyond reactive and into predictive analytics by performing directly within the database.

Also, business administrators can efficiently scale their business intelligence models, enrich their data, and assure quality and accuracy with a fully-integrated BI solution. Analysis services offered by this server helps business developers build comprehensive, enterprise-level analytics solutions. Particularly, it helps draw maximum benefits from the lightning-fast performance of built-in memory. Using direct querying against multidimensional models, one can reduce time to insights as well.

Business Administrators can use SQL Server Reporting capabilities to publish reports on any mobile device— Windows, iOS,and Android. With this functionality, they can access reports both online and offline for improved monitoring within the organization and increased efficiency.

Graphical Support

JSON supports allows IT professionals to parse and store JSON documents and output relational data into JSON files efficiently. It facilitates managing and querying graph data inside the relational database for better organizational efficiency. Using the most popular statistical modeling language, this functionality helps transform complex data from multiple sources into trusted data models. IT professionals can process analytics in-place as well as reduce operational costs with intuitive graphical support offered by SQL Server.

All Platform Support 

Developers, here’s a bonanza! You can write models once and deploy anywhere—in-database, to the cloud services, or Linux. Additionally, License Mobility allows on-premise licenses to be utilized in the cloud as well. This enables developers as well as business administrators,to build and deploy hybrid solutions for robust data investment management. Flexibility to run SQL Server workloads in Azure Virtual Machines can help businesses draw organizational benefits. Also, one can use Azure SQL Database to advance and simplify database management efficiently.

IT professionals can deploy intuitive tools like SQL Server Management Studio to handle database infrastructure across on-premises SQL Server and Microsoft Azure. With SQL Server Standard 2017, developers can apply industry-level APIs across disparate platforms as well as download upgraded developer tools to build enterprise applications, BI applications, and mobile applications creating a next-generation web.

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