SQL Enterprise Server 2017 has expanded its support and with this enhancement, you can install it on Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, SUSE Enterprise Linux Server v12 SP2, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and Docker Engine 1.8+. Both windows and non-windows users can opt for SQL Enterprise Server 2017 to experience faster processing and usage flexibility in a cost-effective manner. With advanced adaptative query processing, cross-platform capabilities, and new integrations for statistical analysis can improve scalability and performance efficiently.

Let’s see the add-ons with SQL Enterprise Server 2017

Graph Database Capabilities

With this feature, SQL Enterprise Server 2017 enables you to store nodes and edges on a structured database platform. You can store multiple relationships, even the complex ones, between nodes through graph database capabilities. It enables you to leave your mark in the field of social networking, fraud detection, IT networking, social recommendations, content recommendations, and product recommendations. Also, the graph representation assists you in better handling of complex relationships.

Table and Index Partitioning

SQL Enterprise Server 2017 renders alternatives to pause an index rebuild and execution, suspension, resuming or aborting an online index operation. This feature of resumable online index rebuild enables database administrators to restart a failed online index rebuild operation. Moreover, it allows shortening the transaction log amid a running online index rebuild operation.

New CLR Security Model

With this security model, SQL Enterprise Server 2017 enables database administrators and developers to build safe database applications and effective measures to counter threats. This security framework manages access to securable bodies through authentication and authorization. CLR Integration Security Model aims to run organized user code on SQL server, intransigent to integrity and robustness of SQL Server. It facilitates control for restricting user code from any outside resource access, limiting its utility to local data access and assessment. CLR security model prompts running of user-defined code under the security frame of the user-session which invited it, and with the prerogative for that frame.

Advanced Business Intelligence

With this functionality, users can have instant access to data and reports, which can be assessed from any device. SQL Server Business Intelligence fosters convenience to create reports in various formats as well as develop custom values. Users can create their predictive analytics algorithms and optimize this functionality to drop-down outlay and evade security risks with moving information.

Data Compression

You can witness substantial improvement in data configuration with Data Compression capabilities of SQL Server 2017. It enables you to resize your database, adding more space to it. With this functionality, data storage takes fewer pages and prompts light reading for the queries from the disk. You can opt for data compression using the GZIP algorithm, particularly to archive old data for storage in the long run. Archival compression stimulates resizing columnstore data configuration efficiently.

Scale-Out Integration

This capability enables distributing the plan of a package within the multifarious machine. Running the package in parallel on one or multiple machines advances the overall performance. This functionality integrates communication with Scale-Out Worker Service to stimulate actual package execution.