It is the top-notch, built in the cloud, professional service automation software. Orchestrated to serve professional services organizations, NetSuite OpenAir can be integrated efficiently with ERP solutions; serves both service-based companies and service divisions with product companies. Also, it empowers mobile service organizations and delivers extensive support to access in the cloud anywhere, at any time. Additionally, it provides real-time access with global service pools and multi-subsidiary, multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-taxation requirements. This intuitive software is proven to swiftly drive palpable results by increasing resource utilization, optimizing project margins and assuring on-time delivery of the projects. Drop downing costs and expediting billing cycles, it helps enhance invoicing accuracy, streamline revenue recognition, and increase transparency into services organization.

Core Functionalities of NetSuite OpenAir are as follows:

Project Management

Rendering highly efficient web-based project management capabilities, it enables business administrators to enhance on-time project delivery. It assures increased profitability by allowing easy management, update, and reporting on project status from any location, at any time. Offering real-time visibility into project dynamics, it enables administrators to optimize price and overall organizational productivity.

Resource Management

Rendering advanced resource optimization functionality, NetSuite OpenAir enables you to manage the most valuable resources and ascertain the implementation of the right resources on the right projects at the right time. This assists in increasing resource utilization and maximizing project success as it prompts quick deployment of resources to the project as per the business needs. Also, business administrators can avail for this deployment as per the employee skills, experience, and availability based on the real-time timelines of the project.

Timesheet Management

Business professionals in service-based organizations can create detailed time sheets with this extensive functionality. Whether in the office or at home, one can make the most of this capability using a browser, offline client or a mobile device. Also, the integration of advanced time tracking with project management enables seamless time tracking by phase, task, and project efficiently.

Expense Management

Deploying NetSuite OpenAir, you can avail of the expense management functionality. It allows you to streamline and automate the entire expense and reimbursement cycle efficiently. This intuitive functionality enables the employees within an organization to submit expenses from any location via browser or mobile device, which helps increase employees’ productivity eventually. This robust management capability integrates with project accounting and eliminates questions around expense allocation and customer billing. Also, it manages foreign currency conversions efficiently to help business organizations witness global expansion and substantial build out.

Interactive Dashboards and Reporting

Administrators can get and provide instant access to vital information within the organization through interactive dashboards and reporting. This allows answering the adhoc queries on the fly with self-service. Subsequently, real-time reporting helps decision-makers strategize and plan better to fulfill their organizational requirements, drive efficiency, and assure notable growth.

Integration with ERP

OpenAir Connect integrates seamlessly with both the existing front-end and back-end business systems. With this robust integration, business organizations can increase efficiency with an end-to-end solution, minimizing manual operations between the services and broader organization. Not only this, it escalates cash flow, renders visibility, and enhances overall accuracy as well. Extending support to create a first-rate flow of information from sales to quote to services, NetSuite OpenAir helps draw maximum benefit through resource planning solutions.

Offering a powerful billing engine, it ensures increased accuracy and enhanced cash flow for a robust project accounting. Its innovative and advanced functionalities help you steer optimum outcomes cost-effectively and experience ballooning growth of your business organization.

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