This latest reiteration of industry-standard office suite includes the advanced version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint, and Skype for Business. These fundamental tools are essentially required for the modern world’s computerized and automated office workplace.It renders a range of improved IT alternatives, which are orchestrated to simplify office operations for newcomers to the field.

This versatile set of tools offers the following features and organizational advantages:

Improved Office Environment

Microsoft Office Standard 2019 includes a subset of every functionality offered by O365 ProPlus in recent years. It offers new Learning Tools to help administrators manage and improve documentation. These tools include Page Color, Syllable, and Text Spacing. Extending its assistance with Speech Feature tool, it helps you read the highlighted texts without manual intervention. Offering Black theme tool, it helps you focus on working on your document as it dims the screen and removes unnecessary elements to prevent distraction.

Proffering such intuitive tools, Office Standard not only enhances productivity but drives increased efficiency within organizational operations as well.

Easy Creation

With extensive and advanced functionality of Focused Inbox, you can set your priorities by sorting your emails. It helps you take away unimportant messages and address the important one promptly. Offering the availability of mentions, email templates, and scheduled sending of emails to make the tasks easy and convenient. Additionally, with advanced Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, you can create purposeful and impactful cinematic presentations easily. It offers added features of Morph transitions and Zoom; you can insert and manage 3D models, SVGs, and icons in your presentation as well. Also, it provides intuitive charts and formulas to assist in improved data analysis.

Single Purchase

One-time purchase of Microsoft Office Standard 2019 facilitates the cost-effective deployment of an efficient and fruit-bearing office application. Unlike cloud-based O365, it requires to avail of a monthly subscription. Still, administrators need not worry about missing any updates. Embedded with advanced technologies, it renders outstanding capabilities without waiting for constant upgrades. Also, it can be more affordable alternatives to small and medium-sized enterprises or organizations requiring basic productivity tools as well.

Extensive Utilities

It provides Outlook and Exchange Data Loss Prevention to archive emails, Excel and Power Pivot to scan spreadsheets for inconsistencies and errors, Windows Server to prompt integration with Windows Rights Management Services. It extends its support by offering utilities to access project-related email in Exchange and documents in Share Point. Offering enterprise-focused management capabilities as an MSI-based product, it renders extensive support as an in-place update while migrating to Office 2019 from older MSI-based products.

Storage and Sharing 

It allows extensive storage of files through OneDrive as well as sharing capabilities, which allow registered users to access them seamlessly and securely, inside and outside the organization. Additionally, it renders functionalities to track the history of all activities on files and keep everyone within the organization on the same page. Also, you can use SharePoint to manage and share files or folders. You can use it within team sites, intranet sites, and across the entire organization. Office Standard 2019 allows synchronization of files on the desktop or a local device to work with offline files.

Key organizational benefits of this advanced Office application include functionalities of industry-standard software, enhancements to established programs, enhanced security systems, and a one-time purchase for a lifetime.Rendering fundamental features to revamp Office operations, this application helps avoid complexities of internet outage and stimulates proficiency.

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