Small and medium enterprises can experience the benefits of a large business with O365 Business Essentials. It is ideal for a mobile workforce and offers free migration aid and perpetual support. With such service, you help your IT team focus on core competencies and steer productivity. Office 365 Business Essentials helps meet all the requirements of small and mid-sized businesses and manage work with complete flexibility of location.

Following Capabilities Of O365 Business Essentials Help Run Your Business With Efficiency

Standard Email

Deploying Office 365 Business Essentials, you can enjoy 50 GB mailbox and attachments up to 150 MB via Outlook. You can avail it both on the desktop and through a browser via Outlook Web App. It helps you stay synced with the mobile devices with Outlook App and prevent any impediments in running the operations within an organization. Moreover, it provides functionality to change your email address to use your custom domain. It gets synchronized with Office 365, which receives all the emails and help you access these mails from anywhere.

HD Conferencing

For small and medium enterprises, strong interaction, communication, and taking regular updates becomes a mandatory process to stay assiduous of the progress and prompt productivity. In such a case, online multi-party HD video meetings steer active engagement concerning business discussions. It helps administrators, managers, and employees attend meetings from any location and it is as worthy as attending it in person. Rendering the capabilities of one-click screen sharing and real-time note-making, it can allow up to 250 people at a time to attend the meeting or have interactive communication.

Storage and Sharing

O365 Business Essentials is embedded with OneDrive, which proffers 1 TB of storage to save files and documents. These can be accessed from anywhere on any device, including laptops, PCS, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. It renders extensive functionality to share, edit, and review online and save time. Also, you can control and limit access to a specified group of people to be assured of security.

Enterprises of small or medium size can connect with their employees through instant messaging and Skype whenever required. Administrators can quickly send or receive information and respond swiftly. Moreover, one can have mutual communication either through voice calls or video calls with the screen-sharing capabilities as well.

Online Office and Team Sites

Business administrators can collaborate by working on Office files in real-time from anywhere. It enables you to create, share, and edit documents on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Notebook online and access it easily from any location through a browser. Also, it offers 1 TB of baseline storage to create a team site, which renders accessibility to share the documents, work on it together within an organization, and drive productivity. Moreover, it gives an additional 500 MB of storage to every user. The team assets are protected by Automatic policies, rights protection, and archiving functionalities.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials renders 24x7x365 assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises and prompt effective migration, preventing any downtime efficiently. Proffering extensive support to social-networking, cloud storage, and interactive sessions within an organization, it helps businesses experience exponential growth and potential benefits to enjoy substantial success.