Microsoft Dynamics Navision is an efficient ERP solution, specifically orchestrated for small and medium enterprises. This high-class, cloud-based, integrated management solution is the most preferred choice of SMEs to adapt to global competence and procure significant advancement.With its core capabilities, Dynamics Navision renders boundless assistance to burgeoning businesses for global expansion within a stipulated time and substantial benefits.

Business Intelligence— Utilizing a robust database Microsoft SQL reporting service, Dynamics Navision enables business organizations to get analytics and insights for strategic planning. An integrated suite of information and analytics prompts easy organization of data. Besides analytics, tools to monitor KPIs enables administrators to present robust reporting based on AI-driven insights and make more informed and smarter decisions.

Adaptability and Automation— Dynamics Navision is highly adaptable to other products, facilitating seamless communication among employees, departments, customers, and business associates. Organizations can automate, standardize, and optimize key business processes efficiently and stay competitive.

Interactive Interface— The most intuitive Role Tailored Centers enables employees to correspond with their assigned tasks, most relevant to their job profile and gain successful accomplishment. It can be customized with the introduction of new roles or job profiles as well. These are individually created, predefined homepages to assists the employees get dexterity in their task completion.

Deployment— Enterprises, particularly the small and medium one can deploy Dynamics Navision either on the cloud or in the on-premises data center to get profitability. Businesses can simplify even their most complex operations with quick and flexible deployment, whichever suits the business utmost.

Key Functional Areas Of Dynamics Navision:

Financial Management

Business organizations can manage assets, cash, and banking with robust financial management and accounting applications of Dynamics Navision. Facilitating with process receivables and inventory control, this ERP solution help grow business without carrying profligacy. Rendering capabilities to operate with multiple currencies, locations, and enterprises across the globe, Dynamics Navision catches the eyes of global businesses for stabilized finance operations.

 Supply Chain

Dynamics Navision helps businesses reduce redundant operations, increase accuracy with operations, and minimize handling time when it comes to supply chain management. Tailoring workflow process, inventory management, and trending market updates assist in stimulating the effectiveness of the business operations. With this functionality, a business can efficiently keep a record of its production, stock, orders, and vendors. Its extensive features include analysis reports, assembly management, inventory, payables and receivables, drop shipment, and location transfers for well-ordered execution of all the processes.


Organizations with manufacturing businesses can deploy Dynamics Navision to smoothen the process and optimize profitability. It delivers improved planning of orders and deliveries and assists in quickly responding to the on-going customers’ demands and queries. Dynamics Navision offers extensive capabilities of order planning, bill of materials, finite loading, bill of materials, supply planning, demand forecasting, and agile manufacturing to escalate operations and steer efficacy.

Sales and Marketing

Deploying Dynamics Navision, enterprises can manage customers and sales data efficiently, particularly mid-sized ones as their profitability and productivity are determined by such reports to a great extent. Businesses can create and handle marketing campaigns and render exceptional services to fulfill customers’ demands. It is fragmented into an array of functionalities, including task management, contact management, mail logging, opportunity management and electronic invoicing to drive efficacy.

Warehouse Management

Enterprises can deploy this efficient cloud-based ERP solution to stimulate warehouse management. This functionality of Dynamics Navision aims at effective supply chain management and inventory control. Extending features of bin set up, internal pick and put-a-ways, cycle counting, warehouse receipt, warehouse shipment, cartonization, and license plates help streamline all the supply chain operations and increase productivity as well.

Project Management

Dynamics Navision is exclusively designed to escalate workflow via automation to improve project management. It assists business organizations to keep projects on track, manage alignment of people and processes and reduce the risk of errors. Rendering services to streamline internal communications between on-site employees and office entails better efficiency with project completion and execution of other operations related to it. It enables organizations to track resources and pricing, manage alternative cost structures, and offers functionalities of a multi-currency transaction to smoothen project management. Proffering integration of Basic General Ledger and Basic Inventory with sales invoicing and purchase invoicing helps optimize benefits as well.

 Human Capital Management

With the human resource management functionality of Dynamics Navision, businesses can keep a record of employment contracts, absences, confidential information, experience, skills, and union memberships efficiently. Human capital is the most valuable asset within an organization to retain progressive growth. Hence, human resource management is accountable for maximized profitability and productivity. With this functionality, Dynamics Navision offers businesses to deliver sensitive information to only the right people through its RoleTailored access. Other functionalities enable businesses to track job openings, track employee benefits and company properties, regulate absence management, meet compliance requirements, and generate robust reports for better planning ahead.

Being a centralized platform, Dynamics Navision assists small-to-midsized organizations in executing all the business operations efficiently and procure profitability. Tailored to specific industry needs, it renders extended assistance to burgeoning businesses witnesses substantial headway.