For a robust buildout in progressively evolving and changing dimensions of the global market, efficient business management solution prompts the effectiveness of the operations. It assists organizations to meet the regulatory compliances across the globe for a substantial expansion most efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integrated, cloud-based, efficient ERP solution facilitating global enterprises to manage, automate, and optimize all the business processes. Its user-friendly, intuitive, and risk-reducing implementation functionalities enable the business administrations to instill efficacy and potential in their business operations to boost productivity.

Extensive Financial Expansion

Centralized financial management intelligence and integrated analytics are the core functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics AX to expand financial performance. Embedded with country-specific localizations, it assists businesses to meet global regulations and execute operations efficiently negating the obstacles. General ledger, budgetary control, banking, payable and receivables, and compliance management stimulates financial operations and renders elementary cost-cutting services for substantial headway.

Proactive Decision Making

Incorporated with RoleTailored capabilities, such as automation, integration, and task prioritization, Microsoft Dynamics AX enables global businesses to make smart decisions and drive productivity. It assists business operators to prompt their business operations with innovative insights and renders extensive business solution to foster collaboration. Improved data-driven decisions with real-time business insights have a constructive impact on holistic business development.

Quick Adaptation To Save Time

Reckoning the global expansion of the business, it quickly adapts the existing system supporting distinctive business needs. Flexible architecture and model-driven capabilities scale business operations and reduce implementation time efficiently. Its instant-on capabilities facilitate administrators to stimulate deployment to knock the changing dimensions of business requirements.


Microsoft Dynamics AX enables business administrators to keep a track of assets, minimize reporting errors and automate operations with predictive business insights. This functionality assists the enterprises to speculate into their operations through real-time analytics and strategize accordingly to boost progress.

Project Accounting

Global business administrators can leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX to optimize project management. Offering extensive functionalities of financial intelligence, role-based workspaces, quick deployment options, swift adaptation, and automated coordination of operations increases, it assists businesses to witness substantial buildout and scale business operations globally.


This functionality enables the global enterprises to create, control, and modify the budget and manage budget approval workflows to ensure its flexibility through the multifarious level. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers businesses to update their budget with the on-going, changing economic dimensions. Administrators can pick workflows, policies, budgeting tools to meet the organizational requirements efficiently.

Procurement and Sourcing

Microsoft Dynamics AX assists the enterprise in cutting costs, managing revenue and rendering a high return on IT investment with efficient procurement and sourcing solution. Core capabilities to simplify purchase advances the organization’s productivity as a whole. Searchable online catalogs, automated invoicing, categorization, centralized procurement desk, requisition aggregation, work queue management enable a business to optimize procurement processes and reduce cost through predictive analytics.

Logistics Management

With this core functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX, global businesses can organize the circulation of goods and services and transparency of sharing information between the two ends (point of origin and point of consumption). This assists enterprises to meet customer and legal requisites efficiently. It renders extensive solutions to track the nature of the delivery, purchasing quantity, carrier of the goods, and workers’ role in the warehouse.

Fixed Assets

Detailed documentation of assets, easy tracking, transaction reversals, forecasting, accounting for tax preparation capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX renders ingenious services to evaluate fixed assets. Business administrators can integrate it with Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, and General Ledger for increasing efficacy of the evaluation operation. It renders businesses deploy disparate depreciation methods to keep a track of multiple valuations for the same asset.

Warehouse Management

Microsoft Dynamics AX renders efficient monitoring by automating warehouse processes. In particular, administrators executing warehouse operations in manufacturing and distribution processes can deploy this functionality to stimulate inventory insights, drop down the superfluous outlay and assure utmost customer satisfaction. Key capabilities of inbound and outbound intelligent workflows, efficient picking and packing, batch-scheduled processing, containerization, inventory tally, and businesslike RFID and Barcode monitoring elevates the efficacy required for extensive warehouse management.


Embedded with a robust Transportation Management System, Microsoft Dynamics AX is catching the attention of global enterprises to boost productivity. Multi-segment and multimodal transport, mobile-compatibility, and fleet management framework are extensive capabilities to assist Truck Load, Less than Truck Load Shipping, Manufacturing ventures, and Intermodal Freight Transport. It enables businesses to advance collaboration and configuration of sales and purchases through automated outbound transport workflows. Administrators can efficiently monitor the entire transportation cycle at minimal cost and time to foster productivity.

Integration with Other Tools

To increase business efficiency, administrators can integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with other tools, such as Quickbooks, SharePoint, and Outlook. This enables businesses to streamline operations and simplify the complex tasks within one solution to boost productivity. This integration allows organizations to enhance communication through robust social media interactions as well.

Here’s, How Microsoft Dynamics AX Benefits Global Businesses With Industry-specific Solutions


Microsoft Dynamics AX assists business administrators foster response time and builds a huge clientele with automated operations in the manufacturing sector. Material and capacity planning, resource management, scheduling and sequence planning, and product configuration can be deployed to stimulate manufacturing processes. Using these flexible capabilities, manufacturers can drive innovation, render quality customer service and incorporate adaptability to the changing dimensions most efficiently.


Enterprises with retail businesses can untangle the manual mess of execution and speculation efficiently with the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It enables the administrators to render standardized services to their customers and optimize productivity across all channels. Embedded with intuitive capabilities, including Omnichannel management, robust marketing, multi-language and multi-currency assistance, mobile POS, this cloud-based solution upgrades customer convenience and contentment. Besides, scalability assists retail enterprises to adapt to trends and marketing needs and procure global expansion.

Sales and Marketing

Offering sales and marketing automation, sales management, potential customers and sales prospects management, Microsoft Dynamics AX simplifies and optimizes sales and marketing operations proficiently. With automated functionality and intelligent insights, it enables business administrators to stimulate sales initiatives, stay updated with follow-up action, and prompt additional sales. Integration with other tools, such as Outlook, Excel facilitates robust sales force automation, marketing automation, and telemarketing.

Supply Chain

With this functionality, integration of the supply chain with sales and marketing gets integrated with the automated system and real-time analytics proffered extensively by Microsoft Dynamics AX. It enables businesses to drop-down superfluous outlay and matches supply with on-going demand efficiently. Administrators can streamline supply chain operations with demand forecasting, advanced picking and put-away, distribution planning, inventory management, and multisite warehouse management capabilities and clinch substantial growth.

Human Capital

Microsoft Dynamics AX assists global businesses to optimize profitability with efficient management of their most valued assets, human resource. It enables administrators to maximize the efficacy of their employees, minimizing the profligacy of their management efficiently. Core functionalities include workforce management, recruitment, performance management, expense management, development training, and employee self-service portal to manage entire human capital and increase profitability. Integration with Payroll, Sales and Marketing, General Ledges, Excel services streamlines human capital management operations efficiently.

On a conclusive note, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a premium cloud-based, ERP solution, orchestrated to enable large-scale enterprises to automate all the business operations and foster comprehensive productivity to procure global recognition.