Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an integrated and combined edition of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. As it’s a combination of both ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Client Relationship Management), it’s a bonanza for users to reap business benefits and earn a huge clientele. Dynamics 365 Plan is a cloud-based, single platform, and highly advanced ERP and CRM service to optimize the flexibility of all the business operations and global expansion.

With this cloud-based solution, administrations can witness the following key benefits within a short time and sustain business growth in the long run: –

Improved Decisions Making— Dynamics 365 assists business administrations to improve decision-making through a comprehensive study of data and recommendations based on it. Generally, it can save time and help improve the analytic process of taking appropriate and in-time decision to smoothen business operations.

Extensive Clientele— It has touched and covered all the aspects essentially required to build a healthy relationship with clients and effective strategies to retain it. Using this cloud-based solution, organizations can build and grow more purposeful association with clients, which they can retain for the long-term as well.

 More Efficient Operations— Microsoft has brought this intuitive solution to automate and optimize business operations using the AI (Artificial Intelligence) functionality. With such a feature, business organizations can look up to more efficient operations, with almost least errors, and in lesser time duration.  

Earlier, administrators had no options to pick business solutions as per their choice and the business requisites. For instance, users looking for only ERP solutions were foisted with additional CRM solution, with no choice of leaving the latter one even if it wasn’t the part of their business operations. Although many users picked both the solutions, rendering alternatives was deliberately needed to support organizations demanding specific solutions only. Hence, Microsoft came up with disparate products, specifically designed as per the on-going demand.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Global businesses can leverage Dynamics 365 to build and sustain robust customer relationships. This integrated, cloud-based customer relationship management solution assists in identifying key objectives, create strategies and incorporate effective solutions to boost productivity and marketing engagement. Its specifically designed applications improve marketing values through business intelligence, campaign management, and social perceptions.

  • Sales— This functionality enables business administrators to prompt enhancement in customer relationships considering every potential prospective. An automated solution to stimulate sales processes renders an array of opportunities to grow business. Deeper insights and analytics for improved monitoring of the sales cycle accounts for the team’s progress in fulfilling customer’s need efficiently. It advances delivering value-added service to customers and upgrades relationship selling. This capability assists administrators in speculating closely into sales-marketing collaboration, opportunity forecasting, employee productivity, and customer experience to witness a substantial elevation in business sales.
  • Marketing— Embedded with business intelligence, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement renders extensive assistance to generate robust reporting and align marketing with sales. It enables businesses to serve their customers with consistent messaging, prioritizing their requirements. It assists in elevating retention rates, reduce sales cycles, and increase close rates. Administrators can incorporate campaign management tools to steer revenue and marketing ROI. With an integrated web content management solution, business operators can instill targeted and personalized digital marketing strategies efficiently.
  • Customer Service— This quench the thirst for rendering structured, multi-channel assistance to upgrade customer service and holistic performance. A robust combination of omnichannel capabilities, self-service and communities, service intelligence, cross-platform mobile applications, case and interaction management, and rule-based workflows is highly capable to transform customer service into an inimitable one and expedite business growth.
  • Field Service— This enables the administrators to create and centralize work orders and provide technicians a 360-view of customer preferences. Also, they can access customer details from their mobile devices. It enables predictive maintenance, repair, replace and cleans just-in-time, particularly to avoid any delay in such operations. Dynamics 365 Field Services offer automated scheduling to arrange more appointments per day and link experts with customers’ need for specific skills, location, and other types of equipment. Its drag-and-drop schedule board accredits dispatchers to supervise resource assignments across multifarious work orders. Besides, channelizing inventory management is one of the salient features of this tool to attract technicians and grab an updated workflow management system.
  • Social Engagement— An intuitive interaction with the customers boosts relationship management efficiently. Robust social insights can be incorporated to advance social engagements, administrators can collaborate sales teams, customer service agents, and potential prospects across the business through social media interaction.
  • Power Apps— Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement assists business administrators create three types of applications, namely canvas, model-driven, and portal rendering its PowerApps functionality. It facilitates creation and customization of application as per the on-going requisite, demands and preferences to stimulate customer engagement. App designer and Power App Studio enables businesses to enrich customer service with customized user-interface and facilitate instant services as per the customer requisite.

Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

This product of Dynamics 365 is orchestrated for global businesses to gain enhanced insights on trending innovation and incorporate efficient module to meet the regulatory compliance worldwide. With technological advancement and evaluating the on-going demand of global business administrators, this ERP solution opened alternatives for its users to pick a solution of their choice or as per their business requisites. Administrations can, now, opt for Dynamics 365 for both ERP and CRM solutions, whereas, Dynamics 365 F&O will fulfill their ERP-related aspirations only.

  • Finance — Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations assists to streamline and comprehend business operations with detailed reporting and real-time analytics. Integrated with Office 365 to help the users get apprehended insights to automate and align tasks and maximize workforce productivity. Also, administrators across the globe can drop down their operational costs with the automated financial process, effective budget planning, cost control services. Dynamics 365 for Finance allows centralizing assets process as well as provides a guided set of rules for accounts. Particularly, it facilitates quick adaptation to frequent financial modifications.
  • Manufacturing— With Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, business operators get the most efficient solution to manage the major operations in manufacturing-production, supply chain, and procurement at a single platform. Production planning, scheduling, routing, production reporting, and AI-driven impressions stimulate production operations. Meanwhile, administrators can regulate supply chain management with automated order-to-cash processes, returns management, demand forecasting, and quality management. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a recurring choice to prompt manufacturing operations with its vendor management, procurement reporting, and category management capabilities.
  • Sales— Business administrators can accelerate conversion rates and generate massive lead with advanced scoring models-assists to identify potential customers. With personalized insights, administrators can increase response rates and mold engagement efficiently. Also, business operators can keep a record of these engagements to gain clarity over potential stakeholders and influencers. Dynamics 365 for Sales provides unified relationship data and personalized sales documents. This dynamic feature stimulates sales, measuring and considering customer sentiments.
  • Marketing— Dynamics 365 for Marketing renders exclusive features of regulating targeted, multi-channel actions and customized buyers’ journeys to accelerate sales-ready leads. It assists to generate smooth customer experiences through automated marketing campaigns, categorized data, and anchored process. In particular, it improves marketing performance with apprehensions, lead scoring and customized dashboards using AI. Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing, administrators can create, collect, distribute and analyze marketing communications deliberately.
  • Customer Service— With Dynamics 365 business operators can proficiently collect, track and resolve cases for their broadly diversified customers. This tool provides an effective solution for customers’ queries on licensing, functionality or cost estimation. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service renders exclusive Chat support to its customers as well as for Team communication. An interactive platform for SMS communications helps get the real-time analytics of customer relationship management. It facilitates its customers to go through community resources, procure assistance through human agents or bots on their own. By providing extended customer service, Dynamics 365 has become one of the essentials to serve a huge clientele with exclusive services.
  • Project Service Automation— Visualizing cost, efforts, revenue and desired achievements in the project is one of the most crucial processes to upgrade business operations. Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is the most preferred tool to ensure project deliverables in context with a contract, approved work and financial outlay. In particular, native Microsoft Project Integration facilitates project planning and analyzing other related operations. With an instinctive dashboard, project managers can review, check and approve their project-related operations. Survey insights for addressing customer feedbacks, Skills-based tasks for streamline scheduling, optimizing usage of billable resources are some of the key features of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation.
  • Talent Integration— Dynamics 365 enables collective recruitment to facilitate recruiters, hiring managers, interviewers, and candidates to communicate at an integrated platform. People can experience open communication and guidance with transparency at every step. Also, it enables administrators can get to hire highly skilled candidates through native integration with renowned talent portals. It offers to proclaim open roles by creating a career site and to streamline interviews as well. This accredits hiring managers to own selection process with evident speculation into candidate profiles, ensure workflow impact and monitor progress proficiently.
  • Retail— Business administrators can boost in-store sales, integrate back-end operations and centralize digital operations with a single retail platform. It assists administrators to render exclusive customer service through extended product selection and recommendations. Its ordering tools offer choice and convenient shopping experience, including pick-in other locations and home delivery. Using Dynamics 365 for Retail, one can supervise employees, inventory, reporting, and financials through a single, cloud-based application. Advanced functionalities of operational analytics and actionable operational insights accelerate the day-to-day activities and streamline workforce management.
  • Artificial Intelligence— Dynamics 365 AI assists business operators make the most of the data to procure a structured and organized analysis of customers, products and people across the organization. Particularly, it helps optimize data usage to turn business perceptions into actions. Also, it offers a prediction for trends, unveils newly emerging opportunities to revamp business growth.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business platform, an efficient ERP solution rendering on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment alternatives to small and mid-sized businesses. Built on NAV functionality, administrators can customize it with Office 365, Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and Power Apps.

  • Finance— With the built-in Power BI dashboard, administrators can tabulate real-time financial performance. Dynamics 365 Business Central capabilities enable improved decision-making with integrated data across accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, and customer transactions. Administrations can improve forecast accuracy with its Excel integration feature. Meanwhile, efficient an account receivable and payable system escalates financial closing and reporting with accuracy.
  • Sales— Dynamics 365 Business Central enables business operations to record all customer interactions and deploy to clutch best upsell, cross-sell, and renewal perspective all through the sales cycle. With this intuitive ERP solution, business professionals can prompt solutions for sales-related inquiries, handle service requests efficiently, and stimulate payments as well. It enables to boost of sales-providing a 360-degree view of service tasks, workloads, and employee skills. This simplifies resources assignment and facilitates a case plan.
  • Wholesale— Dynamics 365 Business Central is exclusively designed for the wholesale industry to help the business administrators regulate supply chain management efficiently. Built-in Business Intelligence stimulates prediction time to refill stock; its sales forecasts enable the automatic creation of purchase orders. This ERP solution improves production scheduling by optimizing manufacturing capacity and resources. Also, efficient inventory management not only supports stock levels, lead times, and reorder points check but prompts automatic replacements suggestions when items in demand are out of stock.
  • Resources— With this single end-to-end business management system, business operators can keep a track of employee’s information and tabulate it based on experience, contracts, confidential information, skills, education, and training. It offers an expense management solution to keep a track of reimbursement proficiently. It enables the people serving an organization to make the most of their potential and the administrators to manage cost and other convolution with resource management.
  • Project Service—With advanced job costing and reporting capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central, business operators can guarantee project profitability. It enables them to create, manage, and track customer projects as well as budget efficiently. Administrators get real-time insights to make better decisions and manage resource levels. Planning capacity, invoice tracking, and resource-usage metrics are some of the core functionalities of Dynamics 365 Business Central Project Service module.
  • Support GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance— This is quite a profitable functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central, making it a global choice to manage business operations with security. It offers audit trails to assure accountability-providing and restricting access to personal information on multiple levels. Business administrators can meet GDPR compliance and protect data from unauthorized access with datacenter encryption effectively.

Dynamics 365 with its productivity applications and AIembedded tools, elevates business outcomes, stimulates customer relationship by rendering more purposeful engagements, and automate business operations more efficiently for a remarkable headway.